About the Service Catalog

The Service Catalog is a listing of all service actions and service bundles that are available to you for purchase. The Service Catalog is accessed from the navigation bar on the left. Under Service Catalog, there are these options:

Browse The Service Catalog takes you to the Service Catalog window where you can search for and view details of available services, select the service you need, and add them to your order cart.

Review Past/Current Service Orders allows you to search your outstanding service orders and review services ordered in the past.

Current and unsubmitted service orders are also summarized on the Home page under Your Service Orders. Click to select a service order to complete it, submit it, or delete it.

Browse the Service Catalog

The Service Catalog screen has three pages which can be selected using the links at the top right of the Service Catalog page:

Browse Catalog is the default page to appear. It is used for basic searching of the catalog by category. The Service Catalog is browsed by product category and sub-categories. A list of all catalog items in the selected category/sub-category is displayed. This page also provides a basic keyword search.

Advanced Search allows you to search for services by Title, Reference number, Type, Class, Asset Catalog (if licensed), or Display Category. A list of all catalog items matching the entered criteria is displayed.

Checkout allows you to view the items you have selected for purchase. You can view this page at any time to see your order, but you must come to this page to complete your service order.

On the right, is the Your Order box, summarizing the service actions and bundles you have selected to be ordered, the quantity of each item ordered, the price of each, and the total cost.  

You can only create one shopping cart in a session. Browsing and selecting new items adds them to the cart started in the current session.  Your cart is not saved if you log out of the Service Portal without proceeding to checkout.


Once a service order is in Checkout, you can log out and return in another session to add items or process the forms in a previous checked out service order, or to start a new order.


Review Past/Current Service Orders

The Review Past / Current Service Orders page allows you to browse previously completed orders and current, outstanding orders using order number, order status, service action, service bundle, or the order states. A Service Order Summary page displays all service orders matching the entered criteria. You can select one to view the order details, complete the order, or submit the order.


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