Browse the Service Catalog

The Browse Catalog page of the Service Catalog allows you to search for Services and Service Bundles by the following methods:

This is the default page, initially shown when you click Browse The Service Catalog from the Service Portal navigation bar. From the Advanced Search or Checkout pages, you can browse by category by clicking Browse Catalog in the upper left of the page.

Once you have found the desired item, you can:

Browse by Category

To browse the Service Catalog by display category, click the Browse Catalog link on the Service Catalog page and use the Browse by Category section.

The Browse by Category section displays up to three drop-down lists. Each drop-down list corresponds to a display category tier. A display category is a way to organize service entities into a hierarchy of categories in order to facilitate searching. Each service entity (Service, Service Action and Service Bundle) is assigned a Portal display category when it is created.

The second and third sub-category lists are only enabled if sub-categories are defined for the top-tier category selected in the first drop-down.

To browse the Service Catalog by Portal display category:

  1. In the first drop-down field, select a tier 1 display category.

The second tier sub-category list is automatically displayed if you are using a script-enabled browser. If you are not using a script-enabled browser, a “Refresh Categories” button appears next to the field. Click this button to display the sub-categories linked to the top category.

  1. If this category is linked to sub-categories, select a tier 2 category in the second drop-down list.

As noted above, you may have to click the Refresh Categories button.

  1. Repeat with the third drop-down list, if appropriate.
  2. Click Show Catalog Items. The Service Actions and Service Bundles that match the selected categories are displayed.

If no Service Action or Bundle corresponds to the selected category, the following message is displayed: “There are no Service Actions/Service Bundles defined in this category.”

Individual Services are not displayed when you perform a Service catalog search, since only Service Actions and Service Bundles can be ordered through the Service Portal.

You can only view Service Actions and Bundles that are in your subscriber group, or available to all users, and where the service has a Service Portfolio status of Portal and Active selected. See your System Administrator for permissions.

Perform a Basic Search

To perform a basic search on the Service Catalog (that is, a search by the title of the Service Action or Bundle you are looking for), click the Browse Catalog link on the Service Catalog page and use the Search section.

To perform a basic search on the Service Catalog:

  1. Type the name or part of the name of the service entity (Service Action or Service Bundle) in the Search field.

The percent sign, “%” is used as a wildcard to indicate any text. It is assumed by default to be at the end of any search word you type. To search using a word not occurring at the beginning of the title, type “%” before the word. To return all Service Actions or Bundles to which you have access (that is, of which you are a subscriber), type % in the Search field.

  1. Click Search. The Service Actions and/or Service Bundles that match your search are displayed.

From the list of services, you can view details on a service. See the Viewing Service Details topic for information on the Service Details screen. 


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