Service Catalog Advanced Search

The Advanced Search page of the Service Catalog allows you to search for Services and Service Bundles by Title, Reference number, Type, Class, Asset Catalog (if licensed), or Display Category.

This page is shown when you click Browse The Service Catalog from the Service Portal navigation bar and then click Advanced Search. From the Browse Category or Checkout pages, you can get to this page by clicking Advanced Search in the upper left of the page.

Once you have found the desired item, you can:

The Advanced Search page of the Service Catalog allows you to search for services using the following criteria:

This checkbox is shown only if you are licensed for the Asset Catalog feature.

Depending on the Type selected, radio buttons may appear below showing sub-types. Some systems may require you to click the list button.

Click the radio button for the desired sub-type.

Depending on the Display Category selected, a list of sub-categories defined for that category may be shown below. Selecting a sub-category may display further sub-categories.

The second tier sub-category list is automatically displayed if you are using a script-enabled browser. If you are not using a script-enabled browser, a “Refresh Categories” button appears next to the field. Click this button to display the sub-categories linked to the top category.

If you need to reset the search criteria fields to their original, default setting, click the Reset button.

From the list of services, you can view details on a service. See the Viewing Service Details topic for information on the Service Details screen. 



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