Service Catalog Checkout: Manage Your Order

The Checkout: Manage Your Order page of the Service Catalog allows you to:

To access the Checkout: Manage Your Order page, on the Browse by Category search or Advance Search pages, you can either:

Service Bundles

If you have ordered Service Bundles with optional service actions, you will be taken to the Service Catalog – Select Optional Items page before you get to the Checkout: Manage Your Order page.

There will be a message “Your order contains optional items. Please select the ones you wish to include.”

All Service Bundles with optional Service Actions are displayed on this page. When there are multiple quantities of the same Service Bundle, each bundle is appended with a sequential number.

When there are multiple quantities of the same type of Service Bundle, the first listed Service Bundle will display a Apply this selection to all <Display Title> Service Bundles. This checkbox hides all but the first entry of this type of Service Bundle. The others will be hidden. All settings made on this entry will affect all instances of this type.

Each Service Bundle is displayed with the Service Actions it contains. Any mandatory Service Actions have this checkbox selected and disabled. Selecting the checkbox beside a Service Action indicates this Service Action will be ordered with the Service Bundle.

In the Checkout: Manage Your Order page, the Price field on an individual Service Action will be zero (0). This indicates that this Service Action was ordered via a Service Bundle, and the individual price of the Service Action does not apply when it is ordered via a Bundle. The Subtotal field is the price of the Service Bundle. This is to indicate that the Service Action is associated with the price of the Service Bundle.

Click the Continue to Full Cart button to go to the Checkout: Manage Your Order page.

Viewing Cart Contents

All items added to the cart are listed in a table format. The items listed and their quantities are exactly the same as shown in the Your Order box. The columns of this table are:

While there is no limit to the quantity of a Service Action or Service Bundle you can order, a very large quantity will require you to complete a very large number of forms, and submitting the order may take a long time to process.

Complete the Order Forms

The next step in completing your order is to fill in order forms, where you can specify attributes such as the urgency of the order, specify a description for the order, or attach a file to your order.

Click on the # Form(s) button in the Forms To Complete column.

Submit the Order

When all forms for the service order are complete, the Submit Order button on the Checkout: Manage Your Order page is enabled. To submit your order, click Submit Order.

A confirmation message is displayed on the Service Order Details page to indicate that the order has been successfully submitted.

Continue Ordering

If you need to add more Services or Service Bundles to your order, you can click the Continue Ordering button and return to the Browse Catalog search page.

Deleting a Service Order

Deleting a service order will permanently delete everything in your shopping cart, and all forms created for the items, even if they were filled out.

To delete a service order click the Delete Order button. You will be prompted to confirm deletion. After deletion, you will be returned to the Product search page with a message that their Service Order has been deleted.


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