To Ask a Question

The VMware Service Portal enables you to submit a query to a service desk operator. You can submit a query by accessing the Ask a Question page. 

To submit a query, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Ask A Question menu option. The menu option will be displayed only if the Ask Question option has been enabled on the Portal Settings window in VMware Service Manager. The Ask A Question page is displayed.
  2. Click in the Profile field and select a profile type from the list. If sub-profiles are defined for the profile selected, a list is displayed below the Profile list. Select a sub-profile from the list. Further sub-profiles may appear if they are defined for the selected sub-profile.
  3. To ask a question related to a service, type a Service name, reference number, or part of a service reference number in the Service field or click to display the Service Search page.
    1. On the Service Search page,
    2. Select to Search Within your services or all services.
    3. Or enter a Service reference number or part of a service reference number in the Service Ref field.
    4. Or select a Service Type from the drop-down list.
    5. Click . Services are displayed in a summary format.
    6. Click to select the service. You are returned to the Ask A Question page.
  4. Click in the Type field and select an issue type from the list. If a sub-type is defined for the type selected, a list is displayed from which to select. Select a sub-type from the list. Further sub-types may appear if they are defined for the selected sub-type.
  5. Type your Question in the Question field.
  6. Select the Receive Email Copy of Your Question if you want a copy of the question to be sent to you by email.
  7. Click OK. The Ask A Question Confirmation page is displayed to indicate that the question has been logged in the system and sent out to an officer to review. The Call Number is displayed for reference.

You can review your query by selecting the select the Review Your Question menu option.


If an error message is displayed and you are unable to log your question, contact your system administrator. You may get an error if the call prototype for this page is not configured correctly in VMware Service Manager.



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