To Attach an Object to an Incident

Objects can be added to open incidents. Objects can be documents or files that can add more information in order to resolve Incident/s or can add information on how an Incident was resolved. You can access this function via the following options:

Select Attach Object to Your Incident from the VMware Service Portal Navigation Bar.

- OR -

From your Home Page, select the Incident within the Your Incidents summary and click to select the Incident. On the Incident Details page, click the Attach Object button.

- OR -

Search for an Incident via the Review Past/ Current Incidents menu option and from the Incident Summary page, click the button.

- OR -

Search for an Incident via the Review Past/Current Incidents menu option and click to select the Incident. On the Incident details page, click the Attach Object button.

Using any of the above methods will display the Add an Object to Your Incident page.

To attach object/s to your Incident, follow these steps:

  1. On the Add an Object to Your Incident page, if not already provided, type the Call Number in the Call No field. This is the reference or unique identifier for the Incident.

This is also known as the Incident Number. If you accessed the note function from a specific Incident, the Call No field is automatically populated with the Incident number you had selected. The Call No field is mandatory and is validated. You can only attach an object to an Incident if the Incident number is a valid number within the database.

  1. To add the object, select the Browse… command from the Object field. A pop-up Choose File window is displayed. Select the object you want to attach to the Incident and click Open.
  2. Type a description of the object you are attaching in the Description field.
  3. If configured, you can select the Send Email or Send Pager option for the Incident.

Send Email will send an email message to and Send Pager will transmit a paging notification to the officer to whom the Incident is assigned.

  1. Click OK. An acknowledgement is displayed. This confirms that the object has been attached to the Incident.


You can only add objects to Incidents that are open.


After attaching an object, if you reload the page, you will need to attach the object again. Uploaded objects are cleared when a page refreshes to display an error message in case a mandatory field has not been completed on that page.



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