To Complete Service Order Forms

The Checkout: Manage Your Order page contains one form per instance of the Service Action or Service Bundle you have added to the cart. Each form corresponds to the call or workflow template linked to the Service Action that is ordered (either individually or through a bundle).

To complete an order form:

1.       Click the # Form(s) button in the Forms To Complete column on the Checkout: Manage Your Order page. The corresponding form is displayed.

Each form to be completed is on a separate page. A message at the top of this window indicates the number of forms remaining before this order can be submitted.

2.       Specify values for the fields on the form (urgency, impact, description) and/or attach a file.

3.       Click OK, Save for Later, or Cancel:

a.       Clicking OK saves the form in the database, where all mandatory fields are checked.

The information required on each form has been set up within VMware Service Manager through the selection of a call or request template, so the required fields will vary.

b.       Clicking Save for Later saves the current form in a temporary state. It is not checked for mandatory fields at this time and still appears on the Checkout: Manage Your Order page as not completed.

c.       Clicking Cancel takes you back to the Checkout: Manage Your Order page without saving the details you specified in the form.

When all the forms for Service Action have been completed, you are returned to the Checkout: Manage Your Order page. Repeat for every other form. You cannot submit your order until you have completed all forms.

When all forms for the service order are complete, the Submit Order(s) button is enabled. To submit your order, click the Submit Order(s) button.

Once a form is completed, you can still edit it by clicking the # Completed link in the Completed Forms column on the Checkout: Manage Your Order page.



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