To Order a Service

To order a Service Action or Service Bundle:

  1. Search for the service item(s) you are interested in from one of the following pages:

·         Browse Catalog

·         Advanced Search

  1. Add items to your cart. From the Browse Catalog, Advanced Search, and/or Service details page, use the following fields:

Some service action items do not have a quantity. You can only order one of these items.

While there is no limit to the quantity of a service or service bundle you can order, a very large quantity will require you to complete a very large number of forms, and submitting the order may take a long time to process.

Add To Cart button After entering a quantity, click Order.

Your cart is not saved if you log out of the Service Portal without proceeding to checkout.

You can only create one shopping cart in a session. Browsing and selecting new items adds them to the cart started in the current session.  

  1. Proceed to checkout to review the contents of your cart using one of the following methods:

The Service Catalog Checkout: Manage Your Order page is displayed.

Once a service order is in Checkout, you can log out and return in another session to add items or process the forms in a previous checked out service order, or to start a new order.

Complete the order forms. For details on completing the forms, see Service Order Form.

  1. Submit the order by clicking the Submit Order button on the Service Catalog Checkout: Manage Your Order page.

A confirmation message is displayed on the Service Order Details page to indicate that the order has been successfully submitted.


You can only order Service Actions or Bundles for which you are a subscriber (or which have been made available to all users) and which are assigned a Portfolio Status with Portal visibility.



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