To View Change Windows

The VMware Service Portal enables you to view Change Windows for requests by selecting the View Change Windows menu option. 

Change Windows are designated time slots that have been arranged for the implementation of requests.

To view change windows, follow these steps:

1.       Select the View Change Windows menu option.

The View Change Windows page is displayed with all the change calendars defined on your VMware Service Manager system. For each change calendar, its name and description are displayed.

2.       To view the change windows linked to a change calendar, click next to the change calendar name.

The View Change Windows page is displayed with a list of all the linked change windows. For each change window, the Change Window ID, Start Date, and End Date are displayed. The unique system-generated identifier assigned to the change calendar is also displayed.

3.       To view the details of a change window, click next to the Change Window ID.

The details of the selected change window are displayed in the Change Window Details page.

You can also find change windows from the View Forward Schedule of Changes page.



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