To View Your Outstanding Approvals

The VMware Service Portal enables you to view and action Approval Task(s) that have been forwarded to you.

To view the approval tasks that are awaiting your action, follow these steps:

1.       Select the Outstanding Approvals menu option from the Service Portal navigation bar. All the approvals that are awaiting your action are listed on the Approval Summary page.

To action an outstanding approval that has been assigned to you, click   for the required approval you want to action.


From your Home page, within the Approvals Awaiting Your Action summary, click to select the approval.

2.       Select Approve or Reject for the task you selected.

3.       Click Submit. Your task is updated with the approval decision.

If you approve the task, this will close the task in VMware Service Manager. Approval tasks are generally part of a workflow plan for change. Your approval decision (acceptance or rejection) will determine the next step of the workflow.

Officers to whom approval tasks have been forwarded cannot view or action these tasks via the Portal.



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