Viewing Service Details

The Service Details page provides more detailed information about the selected service or service bundle. You can view the details of a service from the:

From the list of search results, you can view details on a service by clicking the icon for the item or View under the item description in the search results.

The details of the service item are displayed.

From the Details screen, you can add the item to your cart. To order this item, using the following fields:

You may also click Previous page to close this item details page and return to the search results list for further searching.

You should click on the Previous page link to return to the page you came from. If you click outside of this page (for example, clicking on another window), leaving this window open, any quantities you have already entered on the page will be lost.

Fields in Service Details

The following details of the selected Service Action or Service Bundle are shown on the details page: 

This checkbox is shown only if you are licensed for the Asset Catalog feature.

If one of the Service Actions in the bundle is optional, this is indicated in the Optional? column. When you order the bundle, you will be able to specify whether you want to order the optional item(s) as well as the mandatory items that are part of the bundle.



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